The photo above was taken in the tended portion of an otherwise now stagnant garden that for most of my childhood, had bustled with all manner of life. Small blue crabs and turtles scuttled through coral rock, beneath layer upon layer of foliage, while peacocks followed alongside on the long banyan paths leading out into wide fields of bright light. The peacocks would often move out ahead and at the end, be found standing atop one’s car, as if saying goodbye.

It had been years since I visited, so the overall scene was a bit of a shock, especially when a volunteer told me that they were working to thin out the upper canopies to circulate the light more naturally. Somewhere along the way, it had been allowed to go to seed in the first place, which I hadn’t imagine ever happening.

Although it has only been a few months, this blog too, has been neglected. There is an intention decompartmentalize expression, but also self… to open chained off passageways and allow flow between spaces… to extend myself benefit of the doubt, and stop waiting to get everything ‘right’. What is right, after all? Even though there will be messy areas, unfinished spots, and many works in progress (how could there not be?), it will become a more authentic and contradictory space, more true to the natural workings of self and time.


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